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Title: there's hope out there (it doesn't have to happen now)
Pairings: none, credence centric
Rating: G
Words: 1714
Prompt 3/20: making history
Summary: credence is slowly healing and overcoming his past, newt wants to help him, queenie is overprotective and tina wants him to follow his own path
Disclaimer: work of fiction, original story and universe belongs to the one and only jk rowling no profit gained out of this
Comments: this took a little longer that i expected because i got sidetracked with writing
headcanons for a while, but got inspired and managed to finish it.

as always, english is not my first language so please forgive any grammar mistakes

love, comments, constructive criticism and positive thoughts are more than welcome!!

“Credence )
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Title: i tried to go on (like i never knew you)
Pairings: none, credence centric
Rating: G
Words: 2987
Prompt 2/20: complicated
Summary: credence remembers about his ma, about the real mister graves and about the darkness living inside of him, and when he feels like he's in the deepest he can fall, the light of queenie reaches out to him.
Disclaimer: work of fiction, original story and universe belongs to the one and only jk rowling no profit gained out of this
Comments: i am still thinking what to do about credence and the obscurus thing, but i am going to focus on credence being happy and supported by queenie now because he deserves it ♡

as a disclaimer, i do not want to romanticise the relationship credence and graves/grindelwald have in the film, i refuse to dwell into manipulation, abuse and toxicity or any kind, i reject it and reprimand it. this is just credence feelings and memories about that time, but there's no attraction/love about it.
i will try very hard to separate the “real” graves from grindelwald, and explore their dynamics in a less toxic and abusive way.

title is from backstreet boy's song incomplete, english is not my first language so there might be some grammar issues here and there.
any positive thoughts, comments, and criticisms are more than welcome!

“It )
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Title: and i feel love is dead (i am loving angels instead)
Pairings: none, credence centric
Rating: G
Words: 1633
Prompt 1/20: introduction
Summary: “What is an Angel?” Queenie asked sweetly, her eyes growing as she looked over the shoulder of his dark blue dress, smiling with curiosity.
Disclaimer: work of fiction, original story and universe belongs to the one and only jk rowling
no profit gained out of this
Comments: i haven't written in forever and i thought it would be a good idea to give it a chance, i love credence, he deserves all the good things in the world and i can't imagine someone sweeter than queenie goldstein to provide that.
i like to fantasize with these two in the next movies, with credence growing hair and queenie's cocoa ♡

this was inspired by queenie's “what is a niffler?” question and the fact she's the embodiment of an ANGEL ;3;

first part of a serie of 20 one-word drabbles: 1. introduction
just a small sneak peak into credence's new life living with the goldstein sisters and his relationship with queenie
and this is obviously NOT A DRABBLE because apparently i don't know how to stop myself fml

any comment and constructive criticism is highly welcomed ;3;

even if she was, by far, one of the selfless and kindest people Credence had encountered )
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Title: when we were younger and better
Pairings: none really, yokoo-centric, some yokoo/fujigaya if you squint and some yokoo/nikaido if you squint harder
Rating: G
Words: 4403
Summary: Yokoo doesn't think much about love.
But he does think a lot about him.

Disclaimer: this is a work fiction, i don't own anything but the writing.
kis-my-ft2 belongs to johnny's entertainment, etc, etc.
Comments: i started writing this in the year 2012, probably.
out of a whim because i have a lot of yokoo related feelings because that guy is amazing and his presence on fanfiction seems little? so it was my little contribution to him.
it was supposed to be small pieces of what was of yokoo since the moment he entered into the jimusho until the "right then" of that time, mostly after kisumai debuted.
i fell a little out of the loop of kisumai since then, so maybe i could continue it, but i think it was nice just to post this, anyway.

is not betaed and english is not my first language so i already apologize.
also comments and criticism are welcome, i can't believe it's the first time i am publishing a je fanfic. urgh.

also this is for [ profile] crazy_otaku911 who encouraged me to write this back in the day. ♡

He likes to play the guitar with the hopes of composing songs one day, and do meaningful solos for their sold out concerts. )
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Title: everybody wanna try to box me in (so don't do it, too)
Pairings: kaoru/toshiya
Rating: R? language, mentions of blowjobs, sex, a some drugs. toshiya has a foul mouth. sorry, not sorry
Words: 1.956
Summary: So we are back at Kaoru’s question, and his hardened eyes, as I keep looking at him with one of my smug grins, as I pass the pad of my thumb all over the smudged line of eyeliner underneath my eye. “I like it.”
Disclaimer: fiction, i don't own anything but the writing.
Comments: i needed to write something because i was going to rip my hair out.
i don't know i had this as an unfinished thing since forever ago.
i love the setting of high school buddies and toshiya/kyo being kind of soulmates and toshiya being this kind of sexy, untamed, giggly and adorable slut who has a very foul mouth and kaoru being all over into it.

this kind of suck, though.
i completely wrote it to myself anyway, but comments/receiving love are the best♡

pd: first line of the title comes from nicki minaj feat rihanna's fly.
queen nicki has been the perpetual bgm for this.

Oh, really? You don’t really seem worried at all when I’ve got my lips around your cock, honey )
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Title: dirt and glitter cover the floor
Pairings: kaoruxtoshiya
Rating: G
Words: 1.782
Summary: Kyo has told me about him, before.
About Toshiya, that guy.

Disclaimer: fiction, i don't own anything but the writing.
Comments: this is not probably how kaoru and toshiya met but it just popped into my mind a few months ago.
i wrote some of it and then a little more and then i just finished it in five minutes.
i tried to change my writing style a little, and it's a kaoru's pov again... i don't even know why.

the title is a ke$ha's song because... i can't remember. i was probably listening to it and i liked it.

comments are loved. ♡

Little I knew, back then, about this Toshiya guy. Little I knew about his energy and his shyness, and that amazing capacity he had of turning them on and off, like you switch your computer back at home. )
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Title: Of burnt cigarettes and lost paradises
Pairings: broken kaoru&toshiya
Rating: G
Words: 1.325
Summary: "You're cheating on him."
Disclaimer: fiction, i don't own anything but the writing.
Comments: i don't even know what is this.
it literally wrote itself and it's not betaed and it probably kind of sucks.
its just, not going to lie.
it's good to write again, i missed it.

comments are loved. ♡

I am really sorry. )
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Title: someday
Pairings: kaoru&toshiya
Rating: G
Summary: "Tokyo will never cease to make me feel as I'm a stranger.."
Disclaimer: nothing belongs to me.
okay in all honesty i thought i was not going to make able to finish this on time, but here is it!!
this is my entry for the winter's [ profile] kaoxtotchi winter contest.

my prompt was this video.

it was incredibly hard for me to focus on something or even find something to talk about, but i managed to do it. i think
the year is the 2010, so try to think about them with the hair of that era.

at first i didn't like it much, but somehow it ended up writting itself, and i'm very proud.
it's not betaed because i seriously need a beta, but i hope there are no major grammar mistakes.

please comment! ;A;

of memories. )
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Title: of summer
Pairings: kaoru&toshiya
Rating: G
Summary: "Let's go swim."
Disclaimer: nothing belongs to me.
i found the summer writing prompt ( which is here ) and i know it's a bit late but it counts here is still as hot as in summer? u_u
this has been floating around my mind since i saw this picture, and I just wanted to try something different, writing wise.

tt's a Kaoru POV, which is kind of challenge for me, because it's so hard to grip what he's thinking, what are his motives, etc.
the picture it's supposed to be toshiya, and the place nagano.
and think about a.... 2005/6ish? era.

ugh and the ending sucks but i couldn't think about anything else!

comments are more than welcome and so is concrit, please please please i'm here to improve. ;o;
(as always, not betaed so sorry about any mistake.)

Do you want to come to Nagano with me )
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Title: I get along.
Pairings: kaoru&toshiya
Rating: G
Genre: romance, humour, fluff
Number of words: 1.480
I’m trying to make calculations inside my mind to convince myself that isn’t my birthday, which I can’t be as sad as this. Because, for real; if I forgot my own birthday then my life is definitely over and I’m a very, very sad old man. Definitely old. How old? Thirty what? Fuck this shit, I’m just so old.
Disclaimer: nothing belongs to me.
Comments: i feel like writing so i'm just going to write as much as i can until this feeling dissapears.
this one is actually.... fluffy?? a belated birthday fic for kaoru.
as always, there's always room for improvement so please, if there's something you want to say just comment me!! ♥
as always not betaed and stuff.

it's kaoru's birthday )
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Title: this is what we’re after.
Pairings: toshiyaxkaoru
Rating: G
Genre: angsty, romance
Number of words: 1.608
God, it just reminded me of you.
Not only the cigarettes, everything else did.

Disclaimer: nothing belongs to me.
Comments: gooood, it has been literally years (well just one) since i decided to write something and it actually worked out. i don't want want to say i've lost my muse or something but i was really struggling against writing for so long. so many unfinished fics and drabbles, i hope this changes now, though.
the grammar of this is a bit messy, more than a lot of ideas threw together than a real story and I need to say this just... kind of wrote itself instead of i wrote it.
please, crits and feedback are really important for me, so either if you love ir or if you think it sucks, comment me.
they are more than appreciated.♥

are you ready to love. )
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Title: nothing but words
Disclaimer: not mine.
Rating: G
Pairing: Kaoru&Toshiya
Word count: 1006
Summary: We sometimes slept at each other’s places but there wasn’t any physical contact either, you slept at the side of your bed and I slept in mine and our bodies, unconsciously; kept a prudent distance from each other’s and we end up sleeping like we were two brothers sharing a hotel bed.
Comment: This is inspired in a rp I am actually in, in a more drama, Toshiya-emo way xD isn’t as bas as this ;p

As always, comments are appreciated.
I wrote this really late and it’s not beta-readed so I am sorry for my lack of grammar and all the wrong things this fic may have, also the end sucks, yaaaaaaaaaay

i started to feel desperate. )
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Title: delusion.
Pairings: Kaoru/Toshiya
Rating: G
Summary: You're stuck with me, you know about that don't you? As I am stuck to you, to any of you.
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.
Comments: Yaaaaaaaaay. Yeah, I'm bored... and I write drabbles, because I have no life. xD
Ehm, this time is a Kaoru's POV and I don't think this one even has plot -___- it's more like... dunno random thoughts?

As always sorry for my sucky grammar and kinda lame fic.
comments are appreciated!! Help me to improve!!

if only you could see me looking at you at those times )
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title: No, It isn't.
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Kaoru/Toshiya
Rating: G
Comments: i'm just posting all the fics i wrote here so i could make a decent archive and have it all together♥

and someone to believe you. )
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title: The Fault
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Kaoru/Toshiya
Rating: G
Comments: i'm just posting all the fics i wrote here so i could make a decent archive and have it all together♥

but comments are love. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

i never imagined i could annoy you so much. )
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Title: Rain on light
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Non implied Kaoru/Toshiya
Rating: G
Words Count: 1.176
Summary: "The rain heals."
Comments: nothing much to say here, i kinda felt like writing.
is very random. comments are really appreciated. ♥

If I could see you... )
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Title: Glory Box
Author: [ profile] tsuribashi
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me but the story.
Genre: Slight AU I guess
Pairing: Toshiya/OC, Broken!Toshiya/Kaoru
Rating: G
Theme: 48. ends
Words Count: 1276
Summary: You stare at it for what it seems like hours, just staring at the pieces of pictures you manage to see between the tickets, the notes, the letters, the faded purikuras and the others things that are totally useless, meaningless to probably the rest of the world, but it means everything to you.
Comments: this is my first fic for the [ profile] kaoxtotchi fanfiction challenge. You can find the master post here.
I wanted to try new ways of writting and redaction for it and this is actually my first try trying a 'you' writting.
English is not my first language and this is not betaed since I'm too lazy to start searching for a beta *laugh* so this is might be full of typos and/or grammatical errors, but please constructive criticism is always welcome because I really want to improve my english and my stories.

Also, comments are absolutely nice &hearts

give me a reason to love you )
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Title: Mild Seven Lights
pairing: non explicit kaoru&toshiya
rating: Hard R, pg-13?
words: 4979
disclaimer: not mine.
summary:[...] He anyway took two cigs from his pack and lighted them, handing one to Toshiya who took it with shaky hands. "You always hated my brand, but you still smoke it sometimes..." the older sad, before giving a long drag from his own cig.

"It brings me good memories." the younger plain said, starting to feel really tired and drained.[...]

You know why I am telling you this... )
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Title: Untitled
Rating: G
Pairing: kaoru/toshiya
Words: 1227
Disclaimer: not mine.
Summary: Toshiya thinks kaoru's cheating and he talks anbout himself and his relationship with kaoru.

this is the scent of your breath )
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Title: tear you apart
Rating: G
Words: 988
Theme: "their eyes met in a crowded room"
Pairing: kaoru/toshiya
Disclaimer: not mine.
Summary: read it :D

their eyes met in a crowded room )


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