Apr. 15th, 2014

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Title: everybody wanna try to box me in (so don't do it, too)
Pairings: kaoru/toshiya
Rating: R? language, mentions of blowjobs, sex, a some drugs. toshiya has a foul mouth. sorry, not sorry
Words: 1.956
Summary: So we are back at Kaoru’s question, and his hardened eyes, as I keep looking at him with one of my smug grins, as I pass the pad of my thumb all over the smudged line of eyeliner underneath my eye. “I like it.”
Disclaimer: fiction, i don't own anything but the writing.
Comments: i needed to write something because i was going to rip my hair out.
i don't know i had this as an unfinished thing since forever ago.
i love the setting of high school buddies and toshiya/kyo being kind of soulmates and toshiya being this kind of sexy, untamed, giggly and adorable slut who has a very foul mouth and kaoru being all over into it.

this kind of suck, though.
i completely wrote it to myself anyway, but comments/receiving love are the best♡

pd: first line of the title comes from nicki minaj feat rihanna's fly.
queen nicki has been the perpetual bgm for this.

Oh, really? You don’t really seem worried at all when I’ve got my lips around your cock, honey )
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