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Title: Stars
Pairings: none; a little fic to all the tyrell siblings
Rating: G
Words: 300
Summary: When Loras was a kid, years and years ago, when he barely knew how to hold a sword and his days passed by in the beautiful places of Highgarden, one of his favourite things was observing the stars with his sister and his brothers, lying on the grass in what it seemed like an endless summer night.
Disclaimer: All is fictional and the characters belong to George RR Martin.
Comments: this was a little out of the blue, the prompt is stars and i got it from one of the [livejournal.com profile] 10_fics
it's not betaed and english is not my first language so i can't promise that this is free of mistakes and/or typos, my writing is a bit rusty and i wanted to start writing again, so i thought drabbles based on prompts would be easier.

comments are more than appreciated!♡

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Title: Always
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Words: 608
Summary: Willas promises to be always with his sister
Disclaimer: All is fictional and the characters belong to grr martin.
Comments: A modern!Westeros setting.
Willas is barely seventeen and he has been involved in a car accident that leads for him to have a lame leg.
His family visits and he makes a promise to Margaery.

Also my drabbles are always so long I'm sorry!!!
is not betaed, so sorry for any big mistakes!!

he lived for her laugh. )


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