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Title: when we were younger and better
Pairings: none really, yokoo-centric, some yokoo/fujigaya if you squint and some yokoo/nikaido if you squint harder
Rating: G
Words: 4403
Summary: Yokoo doesn't think much about love.
But he does think a lot about him.

Disclaimer: this is a work fiction, i don't own anything but the writing.
kis-my-ft2 belongs to johnny's entertainment, etc, etc.
Comments: i started writing this in the year 2012, probably.
out of a whim because i have a lot of yokoo related feelings because that guy is amazing and his presence on fanfiction seems little? so it was my little contribution to him.
it was supposed to be small pieces of what was of yokoo since the moment he entered into the jimusho until the "right then" of that time, mostly after kisumai debuted.
i fell a little out of the loop of kisumai since then, so maybe i could continue it, but i think it was nice just to post this, anyway.

is not betaed and english is not my first language so i already apologize.
also comments and criticism are welcome, i can't believe it's the first time i am publishing a je fanfic. urgh.

also this is for [livejournal.com profile] crazy_otaku911 who encouraged me to write this back in the day. ♡

He likes to play the guitar with the hopes of composing songs one day, and do meaningful solos for their sold out concerts. )


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