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Title: Arrivals
Pairings: kaoru&toshiya
Rating: G
Number of words: 116
There's something about airports Toshiya doesn't like.
Disclaimer: nothing belongs to me.
i got totally inspired by this pic:

it's blurry and it's probably not even an airport at all but the words flew to me before i could do something about it.

comments and concrit are more than welcome♥

There’s something about airports Toshiya doesn’t like.
He can’t tell why, he can’t tell if it’s the feeling of abandonment, the fact there’s a crowd of people waiting for their beloved ones and rarely, barely, there were people waiting for them. Waiting for him.
There’s something he doesn’t like about the smiles of the flight attendants, because they seem fake and plastic and because, probably, they also wish there’s someone to be waiting for them, too.
There’s something he doesn’t like about the flight's food.
Or to wait for checking in.
Or waiting for the luggage to come.

But when he turns around and sees Kaoru behind him.
There’s something about airports that Toshiya does like.

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aw, cuteXD

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Thank you for this!<333

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Ow, it was so beautiful. Simple, yet absolutely beautiful. <3