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☆Fandom: Dir en grey☆

good morning girl - one-sided toshiya/kaoru
the only time - kaoru/toshiya
underwater love - kaoru/toshiya
my eden of sorrow - kaoru/toshiya
motionless - kaoru/toshiya
no it isn't - kaoru/toshiya
distraction - one-sided toshiya/kaoru
glaring sun - kaoru/kyo; one-sided toshiya/kaoru
don't you want to hold me baby? - kaoru/kyo; one-sided toshiya/kaoru
arrivals - kaoru/toshiya

mild seven lights - kaoru/toshiya
glory box - kaoru/toshiya
rain on light - one-sided toshiya/kaoru
heart and lungs - kaoru/toshiya
the fault - kaoru/toshiya
despair of the fault (sequel to the fault) - kaoru/toshiya
delusion - kaoru/toshiya
nothing but words - kaoru/toshiya
this is what we are after - kaoru/toshiya
i get along - kaoru/toshiya
the beginning - kaoru/toshiya
of summer - kaoru/toshiya
someday - kaoru/toshiya
of burnt cigarettes and lost paradises - broken kaoru/toshiya
dirt and glitter cover the floor - kaoru/toshiya
everybody wanna try to box me in (so don't do it, too) - kaoru/toshiya

angie: I. II. - completed - kaoru/toshiya
falling to pieces: I. II. - completed - die/toshiya; one-sided kaoru/toshiya; one-sided shinya/die

☆Fandom: A song of ice and fire☆

Of summer green and the smell of roses - renly/loras
always - no pairing

10 drabbles - renly/loras prompts from [profile] 10_fics
001.déjà vu 002.stars 003.reflect 004.Blind 005.Transform
006.Sleepwalk 007.Fix 008.Serenity 009.Sacrifice 010.Fire

☆Fandom: Kis-My-Ft2☆

when we were younger and better - yokoo centric ; yokoo/taisuke ; yokoo/nikaido

☆Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them☆

20 one-shots - queenie&credence prompts

001.introduction 002.complicated 003.making history 004.rivalry 005.unbreakable
006.obsession 007.eternity 008.gateway 009.death 010.opportunities
011.33% 012.dead wrong 013.running away 014.judgement 015.seeking solace
016.excuses 017.vengeance 019.tears inspiration