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Title: the begining
Pairings: kaoru&toshiya
Rating: G
And I decide that your laugh is like a melody I want to spend my whole life listening to.
Disclaimer: nothing belongs to me.
it's so rare for me to write something but this kind of just write itself (i notice i say this all the time... right?)
well anyway, please comments are more than appreciated as it is constructive criticism!
as always, this is not betaed (any sweetheart who wants to be my beta? i would love you forever) so i'm really sorry for any big grammar mistake you might find.

and this is written at the very beginning of dir en grey as a band, right after they got together, so picture them really young and with really long hair.

thanks for reading~ (and commenting~)

We're stopped somewhere in the middle of a road. It's starting to get dark, and it's cold but there's something going on with our van, and we decided to stop by and see if any of us could check on it.
Mostly, I can see Kyo cursing, close to kick the thing to see if it works better that way, and Die and Shinya laughing about something, his heads barely touching each other as they lean forward, whispering something after their laughs.

"Do you believe in fate?"
I'm leaning against the cold surface on the van, with a cigarette stuck between my lips, looking at you after asking such question.
You're in front of me, sunglasses on even if they are far from being necessary. You're frowning deeply, and smoking like there was no tomorrow for doing so.

"Uh?" You look at me with a raised eyebrow, you probably didn't listen to me, to start with.

I have to chuckle, looking down, playing with the cigarette between my fingers. You probably didn't hear me to start with, and giving a second thought, it's kind of embarrasing, isn't it?
I'm new here and I'm randomly asking people, my band leader with stone eyes and cold behaviour, from all people; if they believed in fate.
So instead of asking again, I look up at you, shaking my head with a smile. "Nothing!" I say cheerfully, my almost done cigarette falling between my feet.

Kyo comes to us right after it, saying something about the van's engine I can't really understand, and we both nod and step inside the van again.

After we start moving, the sky is totally dark and I have to cover my face to yawn. Barely minutes later, the atmosphere inside is so quiet and so silent that even the sound of the pages passing and the buttons being pressed seem like a nuisance. Not even Die is talking, and Kyo seemed like he fell asleep the second he sat down right after us.
I'm distracted, and focused, with the magazine in front of me when I notice you're staring at me so intensely. I drop the magazine and turn and you, and there's an expression in your face I'm not sure I saw before.

You're grinning, like you know an amusing secret you can't share.

"I do." You finally say, staring at me, and your lips curved even more into a sided grin.
I look at you as if you have just lost your mind and I guess my expression is funny, because you look down, laughing softly.

I don't think I've heard you laughing so freely, and I find myself laughing too.
And I decide that your laugh is like a melody I want to spend my whole life listening to.

Anyway, you turn really serious after that, your smile dissapearing and looking at me.
"I do. Because fate brought you to me."

I'm so shocked at your words that all I can do, at first, is wide my eyes like they are about to fall from my eyes. You laugh again, probably because my expression is hilarious and your hand moves to where mine is, clutching tightly the magazine under it until it's your fingers which they are clutching to, clinging to them. I look at our entwined hands and it's like I see my past and my future written then, the fate the brought us together, like a wicked physical theory about poles attracting each other. Even if your hand is too small compared to mine and my nails look poorly painted, and even if I notice how your thumb is shaking, slightly, as it moves to caress the back of my hand.
I don't know what to say, and I don't know for how long I'm looking at our hands, until I look up at you. You look up at me and our stares lock for what it seems like a lot of time, until I finally open my mouth, to speak.

"I do believe in fate, too."

As my words, you start laughing again, and it's so free and cheerful that it only makes me laugh myself, until Kyo wakes up and curses and says something about kicking the both of us out the road if we don't shut the fuck up.
Silent for a second, we stare at each other, but it only makes us laugh more.

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