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Title: don’t you want to hold me baby?
Number of words: 325
Pairings: ToshiyaxKaoru, Kaoru&Kyo
Summary: Dinner is always made, for you.
Disclaimer: Kyo, Kaoru and Toshiya belong to themselves.
Comments: It had been years since the last time I tried to write a ‘serious’ fanfic, so probably this one sucks terribly.. It just popped inside my mind suddenly.
I made it for the [ profile] ktk_drabbles comm.
It’s late and I use no beta, so probably it sucks, the grammar is terrible and is full of typos, but anyway, enjoy?
Comments are appreciated sweeties

What went wrong? What I did… What I didn’t for making you… disappear?
The dinner is made, is always made, for you and for me, for us; but you never come back. I always sit down at the table for hours, staring at the dishes getting cold, the drinks getting hot but you never get inside, never.

It was your home, our home; what made you left like this?
I arrive at the studio and I’m not blind, your car isn’t there but I know that when I step inside the room you will be there, with him and there you are. I mutter a hello and I move around in pure habit and when I am done, as every day, I walk to you and tell you.
“I made dinner, but you didn’t come.”
And you always stare at me with a funny glare and I can hear a snort behind my back, a chuckle that it’s too familiar to me.

Will you never talk to me?
Ashamed, I walk to my usual spot and grab my bass, sitting down on a chair again in pure habit and waiting for orders, for some directions. While I play with the strings I can hear you, and I can hear him. You laugh, you smile and the words ‘crazy’ are leaving your mouth oftenly.

I think about saying something, but it’s no use since you’re not going to reply and the only thing I will get is a mean snickering from the person who makes dinner for you now. Sighing, I left my bass and look down at my hands which seem older and rough while I think.

“You got tired of holding me?”

Finally practice starts and I leave my mind blank for more or less than two hours, but when it finishes and you start to walking out with him, I only can think that:
Tonight dinner will be made again for you.

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